NEW DELHI: Taking note of reports that most teachers in government schools were not making use of tablets for taking students’ attendance, the Directorate of Education (DoE) has issued strict orders for doing the same at the earliest.

Government school teachers asked to use tablets to mark attendance

The scheme to provide tablets to teachers working in Delhi government schools was rolled out last year in October, after a delay of almost two years. The aim was to help teachers in recording attendance digitally, tabulate exam marks, and upload syllabus, study material and lessons plans.

Under the earlier system, the record used to be maintained manually in registers and later uploaded on the system.The DoE had asked the teachers to purchase the gadgets and later seek refund of `15,000 from the head of schools (HoS).

In a circular issued on Friday, the DoE said, “Most of the teachers are not taking students’ attendance on mobile application despite repeated reminders. All the teachers are hereby strictly directed to purchase the separate SIM for using tablets; the provision for the same has already been made for reimbursement of internet charge.”

The government is also giving `200 per month as Internet charge.Earlier, there were complaints that the teachers were “purchasing mobile phones” instead of tablets and giving bills for the phones. The department had warned of action against such violations.

The DoE had given time until January 15 for teachers to purchase tablets using government money, after which, it had said, the teachers will have to incur expenditure from their own pockets.

In the latest circular, it has directed all teachers to procure tablets and take attendance through tablets only on a regular basis. It, however, added that HoS of all schools are not monitoring the attendance properly.
“All HoS shall personally ensure that all teachers are using tablets and taking attendance of students on regular basis. All Deputy Directors shall supervise and ensure compliance of the order,” it said.


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