Google Gmail is the world’s greatest email platform for good reason. More than 1.5 billion people use Gmail to manage their messages because of its intuitive interface, the regular upgrades it receives and its integration with a raft of other Google products. But some users may understandably wish to quit Gmail for good – and Google makes deleting Gmail a relatively straightforward task.

What to know before you delete your Gmail account:
Your Gmail and Google accounts are not identical, meaning you can keep using other Google services without Gmail.

However, if you use this account to recover another Gmail, you should change it.

If this Gmail account is linked with your bank account or other important sites, you should change it before deleting the account.
Remember, all your email messages will permanently disappear unless you create a backup with Google Takeout.

However, your search history and all purchases made via Google Play will not be affected.

Gmail login: How to delete a Gmail account

Gmail: Deleting Gmail is a relatively straightforward task (Image: Getty)
Gmail: Deleting the platform will not affect purchases made via Google Play (Image: Getty)

How to delete your Gmail account:
Begin the process by visiting the Google Account Settings.

Then click Delete your account or services under Account preferences, then click Delete Products.

You can also choose Delete Google Account and Data to remove your entire Google account.

This, however, with affect your search history, Google Docs, AdWords AdSense and other associated Google services.

Then select the Gmail account you want to delete and type the password to the account over Enter your password.

Next, click the trashcan icon next to Gmail and follow the Download Data link if you wish to download a full copy of your Gmail messages via Google Takeout.

You can also copy your email to another Gmail account, including a new Gmail address.

There is also an option to enter an email address different from the address associated with the Gmail account you are closing.

Google: Remember, your Gmail and Google accounts are not identical (Image: Getty)

Gmail: It is also possible to remove your entire Google account (Image: Getty)

Gmail may already have entered the secondary address you used when creating the Gmail account.

The alternative email address you enter here becomes your new Google account username.

Once the verification email has been sent, open the message from Google – this will have the subject “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”.

The follow the deletion link in the message – you may be prompted to log in to the Gmail account you are deleting.

Next, under Confirm Gmail Deletion Select Yes, I want to Delete Permanently from my Google Account.


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